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15th Aug: Big price increase on all Katy Sue Moulds (they went up in May). Bulk Buy Buncases have gone up in price again unfortunately.. If you need to know about a specific product, please email us. IMPORTANT INFO ON E171; Alot of products have been discontinued in the EU, eg. PME Lustre sprays in pearl, gold & silver, Colourmill in White Only, alot of sprinkles, anything with glitter and so much more. When these go out of stock, they are gone.
PLEASE allow an extra day if you have an order in over the weekend or early in the week, especially if you have images. Cut Off Time for Same Day Dispatch is 9am early in the week. It can even be Earlier on exceptionally busy days, so please get your order in as early as possible if you need a quick delivery. We will always keep packing after this time and we'll do our best for you. If your order does not arrive within 2 days, please do contact us and we will provide you with your tracking number.
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We are open 9.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays. You can also Click & Collect (Please Note that we are a warehouse only. We have a reception area where you can collect or place your order, we do not have a shop for browsing.
Products just in
PME, Decora.. FMM Cutters, Beau, Patchwork Cutters, Caking It Up, Dummies, Immaculate Confections..

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